About Us

UP4ADVENTURE is an interesting and informative look at local adventures available on the West Coast of Australia. UP4ADVENTURE can charter you to the otherwise out-of-the way adventure areas, where your typical services don't go, or don't go for long enough. 

The idea is to get you to the destination... YOU create the adventure, YOU take on the challenge, WE just get YOU there... So the only thing you are left to asking yourself is...

...are you UP4ADVENTURE!

Be sure to follow us and our adventures!

If you need help planning your next adventure, maybe you can think about;
  • Do you want to climb at West Cape Howe, or Kalbarri Gorges, Stirling Ranges or the epic Peak Charles!!!
  • Do you want to mountain bike the classic pine trail in Margaret River, or the Pemberton Downhill tracks, or tour between all of them over a few days
  • What else do you want to do...

Maybe you just need travel assistance to one of the states many destinations...

You choose the adventure and UP4ADVENTURE will get you there!
  1. Anthony Brandis
    Anthony Brandis
    Host / Driver
    Anthony is a Event Manager by trade, with a strong background in the Tourism Industry. Anthony has ties to Tour-guiding in land & marine based activities, and undertakes plenty of Adventure Tourism activities first hand, from diving local reefs, climbing WA's coastal cliffs to downhill MTB-ing on WA's prominent trails or offroading through the WA Southwest region. Share his experience in these activities, and you too can design your own adventure getaway to WA. Need help? Ant can assist you with some of your planning requirements before you even arrive.